A lot of the work I have been doing recently is in partnership with the design firm Angled End Identities and their subsidiary Angled End Athletics. I'm available to work with other design firms on their more technically challenging gigs.

Partial Client List

  • Albert G. Stoll A Law Corporation
  • All Safe Backup
  • Angled End Identities
  • Animist
  • Authentic World
  • Bome Software
  • BuildSite
  • CC Sabathia
  • Center for Natural Health Care
  • Christina McNeill Photography
  • Cunningham Design
  • Decamp Fine Jewelry
  • Esopus Magazine
  • EsperFonto
  • The Fashion Company
  • Festa Professional Development
  • Interchange Counseling Institute
  • Krantz-Waldau
  • Marcus Samuelsson
  • Martin Electrical
  • Mind Over Bar
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital
  • Orlando Magic
  • Professors Who Publish
  • Sonoma Promotional Solutions
  • Starlite International
  • Style Correspondent
  • TamGroup
  • Tribecca Designs
  • UnCloudIT
  • Universal Business Design
  • Untitled5
  • Worldisround

Case Studies

Christina McNeill Photography
A fully responsive WordPress-based website, with photo galleries and slideshows.
High-end HTML/CSS/jQuery coding, including pixel-perfect layout and legacy browser support (down to IE7).
Starlite International
Custom WordPress installation powering an easy-to-use post-by-email system for Starlite's Specials page.
Interchange Counseling Institute
Created a custom system for writing session notes and teacher access, using PHP/jQuery/AJAX for in-page updates and edit-in-place features.
Professors Who Publish
Quick HTML/CSS coding of a simple website.
CC Sabathia
I was called in to clean up a messy WordPress theme installation which resulted in administrators not being able to edit the theme via the WordPress control panel.
Universal Business Design
Created a custom Dashboard web application that automates the administration of over 100 Campaign Monitor clients via the Campaign Monitor API and a clever workaround for populating Campaign Monitor templates.
Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital
Overhaul of a Zend-based (PHP) MLK Hospital website.
Authentic World
Multiple (12+) Authentic World website (mostly WordPress- and Joomla-based) had been hacked by a script that automatically reapplies itself. I secured the sites, deconstructed and researched the hacking code, developed a script to scan and unhack the sites, and identified and closed the likely entry points (insecure 3rd-party plugins).
Martin Electrical
Website planning and layout, turning a stock website template into a professional, search engine-optimized website for this electrician's business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. (partnership with Margo Brockman)
Mobile BackBoard iPhone app for Orlando Magic
Developed an intranet iPhone application and back-end services to be used for secure, internal documents, private messaging, and event/itinerary sharing. (design by Angled End Athletics)
Information architecture and design implementation for this website built on HubSpot, using jQuery to overcome the design limitations of the platform.
Mind Over Bar
WordPress paid subscription website with video content. Using the S2 Member plugin plus some custom content protection work to enforce members-only access.
Style Correspondent
Overhauled this men's fashion WordPress blog, turning it from a casual blog into a full-feature content and news aggregator site.
Chef Marcus Samuelsson
Rearchitecting the website of the celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson to be based on WordPress with customized (Flutter-based) content management. Added social networking, Flickr, and video components. The Google PageRank of the site jumped from 3 to 4 soon after the launch.
Bome Software
WordPress implementation with a CSS-rich layout and deep content hierarchies for a software company.
"Keep up great work and thanks a lot for your help! Michael is the first choice if you want to get a web specialist!"
Festa Professional Development
Simple WordPress implementation for a career coach. Design by Tribecca Designs.
A large-scale Web business that I developed from the ground up and run as acting CEO. Worldisround has more than 100,000 registered users, 6,000,000 photos, and 4,000,000 pageviews per month.
Albert G. Stoll | A Law Corporation
I integrated a WordPress blog into the website and have been supporting the firm with search engine marketing.
Cunningham Design
I integrated a WordPress blog into Scott Cunningham's website, elegantly adapting the fixed layout of the site to accomodate a lot more content in a page, while still matching the design and layout of the rest of the site.
Decamp Fine Jewelry
I migrated Decamp's rather run-down Yahoo Store to a high-end Magento e-Commerce platform.
Animist Notes
A web application similar for easily gathering and searching random bits of information, predating Evernote.
McDonald & Kimball PLC
A therapist business in Fenton, MI. I performed a website overhaul where I:
  • Replaced old ASP scripts with a custom Java-based system,
  • performed an information architecture overhaul to improve usability and navigation (and to encourage newsletter subscriptions),
  • set up a content management system (CMS) to allow direct changes to the website, and
  • set up a blog-based system for publishing the monthly newsletter.
After the overhaul, the number of newsletter subscriptions increased by 275% (almost 4x).
Burning Man Style
This is a simple affiliate/resource website for burners, with information on gearing up and staying comfortable out on the Playa.
This is the website for my theatre troupe in San Francisco. It is the simplest of my websites.
I partnered with Daniel Will-Harris to implement a custom font search engine for his EsperFonto sub-site. I integrated affiliate links into the search results so that users can purchase the fonts they find.

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