Most projects take the form of a fixed-price contract project ranging from $1000 to $10,000. Cost varies widely from project to project, based on these factors:

  • Project scope: complexity and estimated amount of work
  • Urgency: "We need this by Friday morning."
  • Uncertainty: fuzzy goals or requirements

Sometimes fixed-price contracts are followed up with webmaster services for $100 - $500/month.

My base consulting rate is $150/hour. Hourly contracts are useful in several cases, including:

  • Regular consultations (e.g. meeting for an hour every week)
  • The work needs to be done immediately.
  • The project isn't well-defined or has no clear finishing point.

Setting up consulting on retainer is a good way to reduce the hourly rate.

Different clients have different situations and needs; I am open to creative price structuring (e.g. success fees, commissions, mixtures of payment types, etc.)

Contact:  Michael McDonald