Restaurant Websites

A well-crafted website is a vital piece of a restaurant's marketing, and one of the most important factors for getting more butts in seats.

I specialize in website overhauls for high-end restaurants in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. Most high-end restaurants already have attractive, well-designed websites, but they fall short on architecture and usability:

  • Disastrous or totally inoperable mobile websites (have you tried using your website on an iPhone?)
  • Splash pages, design and animation that delays and confuses visitors
  • Vital information such as location and hours are missing or hard to find
  • Inadequate or missing promotion of events on the website and on event websites
  • Website fails to target ideal customers
  • Website is 'just a website', without any attempt to achieve business goals.
  • Fancy design coupled with bad usability communicates "overpriced". Good design with good usability means "quality".

Restaurant Website Report Card

Cost: FREE for qualified restaurants

The first step in improving your web presence is to evaluate your current site's strengths and weaknesses. I provide a brief pro-bono review of restaurant websites where you will be graded on:

  • Vital Information
  • Branding
  • Business Goals
  • Search Engine Presence
  • Promotion

Mobile Restaurant Website

Cost: $580.00 (fixed)

Potential customers are using their BlackBerries iPhone applications such as Yelp and Urban Spoon to pick where to eat dinner. When they click over to your website, what will they see? How much business is being lost because when your website is viewed on a smartphone it becomes a jumbled, impossible-to-navigate mess?

I provide a fixed-price 'Mobile Website' service where I create a mobile version of your website for iPhone, Nokia, RAZR, and BlackBerry platforms.

  • Brevity and usability are key for mobile users, so vital information is shown up-front.
  • Just enough header graphics and most site styling (CSS) is preserved to extend your look & feel to the mobile site, without bogging it down.
  • No need for a separate website URL. When is viewed on a mobile device, the mobile version of the website is displayed.

Most mobile restaurant websites are really bad. (Don't believe me? Try viewing the Anchor & Hope website,, on an iPhone.) A well-designed mobile website is a huge competitive advantage.

Restaurant Website Overhaul

Cost: Project-based

My restaurant overhaul projects are based on business goals as well as a prioritized 34-point checklist of information, features, and tactics that apply to almost every high-end restaurant.

I usually preserve the existing branding and graphic design and focus on restructuring the website to achieve business goals. (I am also partnered with several high-end graphic designers who can be brought in for an overhaul of the site's branding, as well.)

Contact me for a free website report card, as mentioned above, or to set up an initial consultation and find ways to build your business through your website.

Call me and we'll discuss how we can improve your website and grow your business:

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