Service: Webmaster Services

As your webmaster I can take over the hosting, maintenance and all those prickly technical details of operating a website. That way you can breathe deeply, relax and focus on content.

As the webmaster for your site:

  • I manage the hosting of your site, either on one of my servers or with a 3rd party.
  • I quickly incorporate changes to your site.
  • I write design specs for and manage Web designers.
  • I integrate new content, new designs and new software into the website.
  • I automate website maintenance.
  • I am responsible for the integrity of your website. (I.e. if your designer or developer flakes out on you, I'm the one you can trust to keep the site going.)
  • I occasionally spell-check your website and blog posts.

Cost:  $100 - $500/month, depending on scope of responsibilities
Contact:  Michael McDonald